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..and I haven't gotten a single entry for my art contest, there's still another month left until the deadline, but If I don't get at least 4 entries before August 16th, then I don't know,  I might have to cancel it.
At least comment here  if you are  still interested.
Just a small update guys, decided to add some more options!
Here it is people, the contest that I've been planning to start for quite a while, inspired by another art contest that I recently entered.



This contest is about making a drawing of two of my favorite ships/pairings of mine:
Magnet Ahsoka and Barriss by Raikoh-illust
Barissoka (Barriss x Ahsoka)
Or you can draw my fan made character of their adopted daughter, Luminara
Daugther by Raikoh-illust  Lumi's first day by Raikoh-illust
 and/or Makyra (my own OCs, Maya Jeda and Kyr'am aran Jereel)
Target practice interruption by Raikoh-illust  Maya's armored up by Raikoh-illust Kyr'am'aran Jereel by Raikoh-illust Prepare for battle by Raikoh-illust
I said these two specifically but you can also replace either one with another of my characters such as
Nova Akosah 2.0 by Raikoh-illust
Rhiannon - Matukai by Raikoh-illust
These are optional of course, there's no need to use them if you don't want to.


  • Each ship will be treated as its own category. You can submit ONE entry per ship, you don't have to enter for both if you don't want to.
  • You can draw exactly as they look, humanized or heck even ponified or as transformers, it's your choice!
  • Any kind of visual medium can be used for the art, digital, traditional, etc.
  • Please title your entries as RaikohOTP: [ship name], so either RaikohOTP: Barrissoka and/or RaikohOTP: Makyra 
  • Submit your entry by commenting your link(s) right here on this journal
  • Don't forget to mention me on your submission so that it's easier for me to find it just in case.
  • All submissions must be new for this contest, not something that was done before June 16 2017


You will be judged on:
Technical skills/craftmanship
Use of colors
How well you communicate the relationship of the characters
It can be romantic or platonic, I'm fine with either way
That you follow the rules






There will be four prizes, two for each ship!
First place winners get THREE months of Core Logo (Blinking)   membership 
And a colored sketch of one or two characters of your choice by me, something like this
Vambre EX by Raikoh-illust 
Second place winners get ONE month of Core Logo  membership
and a headshot sketch of a single character with added simple shading
adult 'soka by Raikoh-illust
More prizes may be added or increased, depending of if many people had entered



August 16th



Now this is possibly the best fight scene of the whole series.

While their first fight from season 1 was great, and the one from season 2 where they are wielding super powerful swords was super epic, I kinda like this  second one also form season 1 more since it's got some neat shots and choreography, and Megatron definitely wins this fight and almost offs Optimus.

This is one of my favorite fight scenes from Transformers Prime.

I was very skeptical about this when I first heard about it last year, but after seeing this, I think I finally found a reason to renew my subscription to Netflix

Thanks to tumblr I had been seeing so much about this new cartoon netwrok series nearly all last week, and you know what, I like it, and I find it really relevant  to me because it's an animated series that was produced entirely by a mexican animation studio for Cartoon Network, I hope this comes to the US too since it already has an english dub version available somewhere else.

Found this video the other  day which explains how much money each of the staff members of an anime production makes in a year. Not surprisingly since I had already heard about this, the  animators win the least amount of money, but it did surprised me to find who makes the most.

I discovered this one a few years ago, and it's one of the most fascinating ones that I ever seen. Originally released as part of a collection of animated shorts series called Genius Party Beyond back in 2007, so this is 10 years old already. It's not subtitled, and couldn't find a version with them, but I think it tells the story visually well.

Found this one randomly on YT, definitely one of the most impressive fan animation works that I had seen, and seeing all of these  different cartoons from recently and past interacting is awesome.

This animated short is wonderful, some might say at first that it looks like Gumball, but this is much more grounded to reality, with a calmer pace and a realistic feel to it. It also reminds me so much of my own time when I was in school because I always as the different one.

This was relaxing for me to hear, especially with headphones.

I never knew where it came from, but thanks to this video now I know.
Now I really realized how very, empty this website feels nowadays. I miss the constant chatting that I used to get into with people that interacted with me, I remember having a lot of from multiple people  back when I first started using this place in 2009. These conversations were usually about fandom related stuff or of what I drew, or even art advices that helped me since I was a fledging to digital acting and was fortunate to get some advice from a few pros. Now it's rare that get into those since there only a handful, and they tend to last only a few minutes. And I miss a lot of people that used to be here and had considered as friends, but they had either closed their pages, or abandoned them and had not returned at all. And a lot of them had moved on to bigger things, and  some are even working for some big  name company.
Meanwhile, I'm still in basically  in the same position that I was since the beginning and I doesn't seem I am ever going to get to the level I ever wished I could be.  It's not too bad though, I'm glad that I had successfully been offering personal art commissions to individuals, and I am very grateful when people approached me and payed me to make a drawing they request.  And while Patreon had  not turned out to be as big as I was hoping for, I'm nonetheless glad by the amount of supporters that I got, and don't plan to quitting it any time soon, I'm still updating it with exclusive content on it every week of the month.
Man that last paragraph changed the subject completely, lol, anyways, just felt like I needed to sort of vent and if you read all of these, thanks.

It's been a while since my last one, and decided to make this new one. I'll post the finished illustration tomorrow.
I'm sure a lot of us when we were kids had dreams of getting into career or profession that sounded impossible or outrageous, however you reached adulthood and it turned out you got something entirely different instead.
In my case from what I can remember my dream career was to become an Paleontologist, since I was very interested  on Dinosaurs thanks to watching Jurassic Park and a lot of Dinosaur documentaries on TV.  That never happened since I realized it requires studying of a lot of different branches of scene and math, and I was never good at that stuff.

If anyone wonders why the return  of Samurai Jack is such a big deal, this video explains it well. What Tartakovsky has done with his show Samuari Jack, and later the 2D Clone Wars mini series has been creating what I think are the best action animation pieces ever achieved in western animation during its time.

It's been nearly 13 years since this series was abruptly cancelled, and now adult swim is going to give it the finale it deserved.
Hasbro is having an election of their own, it's about who will be the next Cybertronian to wield the Matrix of Leadership and thus become the next Prime, The power of the Primes. is what is called.
There were already other candidates that had been voted off already, Arcee was one of them and sadly didn't get to the next round, but so far these are the remaining ones.
prime noimnees by Raikoh-illust
I'll be taking out of my gallery many old drawings and pieces that I feel no longer reflect my style of work that I now have. About 90% of these I'll move to my scraps, so they still will be available publicly, but the remaining 10% will be moved permanently to storage.