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July 22, 2013
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Striker Eureka by Raikoh-illust Striker Eureka by Raikoh-illust
Australia's Mecha as a Girl
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Stryker:Don't even think you're on my level, old rust bucket
Gipsy:I guess saving your ass in hong kong wasn't on your level huh?
*this picture*
Stryker:I will gut you like a fish if you ever so much as think you're my equal
m1leo Aug 30, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Gipsy: Just so we are clear who closed the rift while other couldn't?
Cherno: You just got burned
Stryker: You should know a lot about that considering what happened to your face.
*Crimson pulls all three apart and holds them each with one arm*
Crimson: Enough! Stop fighting about about stupid things
*Meanwhile Slattern and the other kaiju groan in disappointment and walk off, leaving some popcorn behind*
m1leo Aug 30, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Gipsy: For someone so cute you really have a bad attitude. Right Cherno?
Cherno: Nyet, ( no in Russian.) I find her after drinking vodka worse.
Gipsy: Got pictures?
Cherno: 5 dollars American.
Gipsy: Here. Now give them to me
Cherno: Alright...where are they?
*Otachi is currently hunched over a computer with the photos in her tail*
Leatherback: Hurry. We need to post these now
Otachi: I'm trying, try typing with wings you dumb tool
Mutavore: I found the scanner
Knifehead: Excellent. Put them in there while I fix the Internet
Scunner: Heh, here's my revenge for killing me with a cheap shot
*Otachi presses the post button on kaiju and Jaeger book*
Stryker: Cherno!!!! I will end you!!
Gipsy: Wow, she looks funny when she has a bucket on her head. Right Cherno?
Cherno: Save me!!!
m1leo Aug 30, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Wanna do an rp like this? Note me your reply) 
Gipsy : I'm coming buddy!
Cherno : Comrade noooo.....!
Gipsy : Wait, kaiju? 
Leatherback: Hey, there pictures of Crimson drunk in here!
What is an rp?

Otachi: Crap! I'm not going to get sliced in half again, see ya! *flies off*
Leatherback: Wow, Crimson is actually kind of hot without her battle armor or third arm
Gispy: I killed you once I can do it again
Leatherback: Ooo, look naked pics of Gipsy, I'll send them to Raiju because it'll make him feel better about losing
*Gipsy punches Leatherback just after he posts the pictures*
Leatherback: Nononono please don't hurt me!
*Gispy puts him in an armbar
Leatherback: My arm does'nt bend that way *crunch* Oh God now it does
Slattern: I would help but this is nice payback for when he called me a slut. Why does my name have to meant that? *Slattern pulls out the bag of popcorn perpetually on her and starts to enjoy the show*
m1leo Aug 30, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Role play, we use our original characters and play as them in any universe . Send me a note on my profile

edit:No smiley face
tophxomi Jul 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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